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UDC & Psychedelia

It's been a while. That's all I've got to say about that.  I've been getting my outdoor climb on recently. This is quite the change from previous years, when I was essentially a gym rat. Not that being a gym rat is a problem, but it's not as much fun as going outdoors. Not nearly as much fun. Of course it helps that I now have a rope (+the other equipment) and a Boulder Canyon guidebook.  Looking down from the Second Anchor on Hunky Monkey (5.11a/b), Lost Angle Wall,Upper Dream Canyon One of my new favorite locations is Upper Dream Canyon. Although it's a little off the beaten path (it requires a 15+ minute walk), and a bit of a longer drive, it's simply amazing. In addition to the spectacular sport climbing there (trad racks are expensive...I don't even know where to start), every time u take a breath and look around, you see massive cliffs surrounded by pine trees speckled with yellow aspens, with a creek providing a soothing symphony of rolling