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A Red River Halloween Day 6: Breaking Through

David powering through 59" Drillbitch Climbs: 59" DrillBitch  (5.10a)  ★★★★ Bethel  (5.10a)  ★★★★ Spinner  (5.10a)  ★★★★ Mancala  (5.10b)  ★★★ Bathtub Mary  (5.11a)  ★★★★ ★ Bullfighter  (5.12b)  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Somewhere, deep dark down inside us, there's a being that knows everything about us. It knows when your terrified, it knows when happy. It knows what your feeling. It knows what your capable of. It knows what your not capable of. It knows what you've done. It knows your dreams. Or, in my case, it knows that you don't know your dreams. It knows how you acted and it knows how you will act. I think everybody has this being--it's everybody's inner reflection of them self, its what you think you are. But it's also the truth: it's what you are and it's what you think has happened and will happen. It's the truth as in it's sort of the baseline where everything you do comes from. I think my inner being is very different than my