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Verbal Constipation

Turns out I've got a disease. A bad disease. Well, it's not actually a disease. It's just an anti-diarrhea of the mouth. Think of as verbal constipation. As in you get into to a conversation or argument with someone, and only when it's all over do you actually realize how both of you were wrong and right. To keep running with the constipation theme, something isn't right, but you can't get it out until it's too late. Hmmm…I might have just taken that too far. Point is, the stuff you wanted to say, you suddenly never got the chance to say. And the stuff you did say was just dumb. Writing's a little different. Rather than being caught off guard and having conversations getting steered into directions you weren't expecting, you've got the chance to put your thoughts down. Read them over. Find the holes in your logic yourself. Fix them. Find the holes again. Leave 'em, and see whether somebody else catches them. It's essentially common knowle

Teaser Trailer

Well, it's been a while, as an astute reader noted. Since my last entry, healthcare reform passed (good?), the Winter Olympics happened (cool?), I passed non-linear controls (no idea how this happened), the Gulf of Mexico turned into the world's largest oilfield (and it seems like we're doing nothing about it), the Nuggets and Avalanche got eliminated in the first round (glad the Avs made the playoffs, disappointed the Nuggets didn't do better), I discovered K'Naan ( If Rap Gets Jealous ) the Shins & Arcarde Fire for the first time (loving Funeral & Chutes Too Narrow + New Slang , jury's out on Neon Bible , Oh, Inverted World, & Wincing the Night Away ) Iron Man II came out (haven't seen it (or Avatar )), the iPad came out (awesome, except for the whole proprietary aspect), the Chilean Earthquake probably shifted the Earth's axis & shortened it's days (thank you Wikipedia), Eyjafjallajokull erupted (still no idea how to pronounce it