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Somewhere back when the first Bush was in office and for some reason I cared when the topic was brought up, I was in high school. (A brief aside: to say that I'm apathetic toward politics right now/ever misses the point. I'm doing my best not to derail this guided train of consciousness, but just got really close to verbally dumping my slightly unorthodox but completely reasonable views on government….and there's a lot there. Especially since completely reasonable view are never simple, complete, or reasonable). But back to what I didn't think was that awkward phase of my life called high school. Back to the parts that I still remember. And back to this class I had to take for the IB Diploma called Theory of Knowledge (TOK). Our teacher was one of the more normal teachers at the school who had the mundane task of teaching a class about thinking about thinking. Which is a pretty broad subject that spans everything from philosophy to politics to evolution to Donnie Darko

Sound Nuggets

The Nuggets are awesome. Except when they lose to teams they shouldn't lose to. Like they did twice over the past week. Well, ok, they're still awesome then. One of my favorite espn columnists (Bill Simmons, a mixture of sports/humor/random pop culture references), said that lists where an easy cop out to writing a column. Although it might have been Matthew Berry, a fantasy football columnist, who once I stopped following him my grades went up and both of my fantasy teams got significantly better. Well, my fantasy teams got better because I grew out a disgustache. Berry had nothing to do with that. But the cop out was that writing a column about a list is an easy cop out of actually figuring out something good to write about. So I'm going down that path. Not because I don't have any ideas, but because I am actually so excited about this idea that I might actually write something that could blow your mind. Or introduce you to a few of my recent most favorite artists. Wi