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A Red River Halloween Day 7: Adults at the Playground

It's all fun and games until you make it past the first bolt. Climbs: The Preacher's Daughter  (5.11-): ★★★★ Guernica  (5.11a): ★★★ Brief History of Climb  (5.10b): ★★★★ Capture the Flag  (5.11b): ★★ Monkey Bars  (5.10a): ★★★★ Jungle Gym  (5.10b): ★★ Balance Beam  (5.11a): ★★★ I couldn't fall back asleep. I'm a light sleeper and David was snoring. Again. I'd already woken him up once already on this trip... only to realize that doing so means that two of us end up wrecked the next day. Plus, he's got a super power: he can fall back asleep. I can't. So I went into the living room and passed out on the couch. Good morning Kentucky. When I awoke, the world was on fire. Sunshine spilled over everything, exploding red and yellow tree leaves through window portals into our living room. The fiery sunrise lit up the cabin like magic, beckoning me outside with mystic magnetism. I exited the front door, quietly creaked along the front porch, walke