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Part III: Croatia's Gym

Note: I've recently returned (not recent any more--it was nearly two years ago!) from an amazing trip to Slovenia and Croatia. This next series of posts (if I ever finish them) will describe some of the highlights, primarily with a climbing focus. Ok, you got me. It's almost 100% about climbing. Here's part three,  Croatia's Gym. Route Summary (out of four stars): Banana Split,  5c (15m): ★★★ (solid warmup, lots of fun). Krokodil,  6b (22m): ★★★★ Rasierklinge , 5c (9m): ★ Auskneifer , 6c+ (really?!) (15m): ?? ★ Over dub, 5c (22m): ★★ Il viaggio , 6a (18 m):    ★★★ Veleshit,  6a+ (17 m): ★★ Cuja ti si bog!, 5c+(15m): ★★ What makes a climb great? Is it the location? The exposure? The moves? The difficulty? The people you're with? I've had some time to think about the question, and all I've come up with is a vague notional idea, that feels very cop-out-ish. It's some combination of every factor, and that combination is different for ever