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Game 4: Running Blog, 4th Quarter

I've got the taste of black licorice on my tongue. Five point game. Melo just swatted Dirk. This Fourth quarter could be epic. 10:57: Melo's pulled two clean strips on Dirk. But he gets called for the foul. Not cool. 10:09: Great play by Wright. Way to draw contact and get three FTs….we've got a four point game. 9:33: Despite the fact that Melo's gotten called twice for fouls on Dirk, he has done a great job covering him. Dirk's had the ball swatted out of his hands every time. 7:59: Wow J.R. wow. Hits the ridiculous bank as the shot clock expires. Too bad its only a two. And Bass, taking the really dumb T. The refs are calling T's super often. This is really abnormal, and hurts the Nuggets much more than it hurts Dallas. Hey, we hit a FT! Melo hits the T. 7:08: New career playoff high for Melo! 36! Followed by Dirk hitting a great shot after JR poorly fouled him. 6:30: JR hits a crazy shot. 6:07: I have no idea how the Nuggets got that call. But I'll

Game 4: Running Blog, 3rd Quarter

I'm falling a little behind… 10:00: Dirk looks unstoppable. Very scary. 9:15: I am really starting to like Dahntay Jones's energy is awesome. 8:32: 1-point game?!?! Denver what happened? The announcers just called Dallas resilient? You're better than that. Coach Sotola is telling you guys that that is simply unacceptable. Btw, the Angels & Demons/NBA playoffs dual commercials are not cutting it for me. Make them stop. Please. 7:37: Denver, 1-7, Dallas 6-8…and then Melo answers, twice in a row. 6:38: Good hard foul by Melo, preventing the easy basket. 6:09: Melo is starting to heat up! And Josh "on two bad ankles" Howard hits the two with an And-1 which he misses, but gets the Offensive rebound? And then gets fouled again? Ouch. That hurts. 5:58: 74-73 Nuggets. This game is really high scoring. The rhythm is infinitely better than Game 3, where fouls were getting called left right and center. Wait whats this? Terry's got 5 fouls! YES! This bodes very w

Game 4: Running Blog, 2nd Quarter

Lets start the 2 nd Quarter. I love the Most Interesting Man in the world commercials: On the two party system, 'The after-party … is the one you want to attend.' Classy. Simple. Awesome, and now, back to the Nuggets… 12:00: 5/6 on three's; 34-23 Nuggets. And J. R. AGAIN! (for three). 11:15: Melo & Wright wrap each other up, minor skirmish. Melo, a technical…Dude. You're better than that. My buddy (and much more intelligent basketball commentator Kenji) brings up a very scary but good point: these Technical fouls are going to start hurting us if we keep moving deeper into the playoffs. K-Mart's had three or four, and Melo's had a couple also, we could be playing without them for a game or too if they keep that up. 11:15: I'm still really curious as to what happened to Karl's chin. I'm looking for a very interesting story here…Dirk takes a FT that doesn't count. Nice try slick. 11:07: Melo looks unstoppable. Another foul on Wright, Melo go

Game 4: Running Blog 1st Quarter

Ok, so I've never done this before, but here's a running game blog. I haven't figured out how to do this automatically, so I'll be manually entering the time. One quarter at a time. 6:12 : Wow. The first few minutes had me super concerned, as Dallas went out on a quick, 4-0 run and the Nuggets looked superbad. 5:18 : Wtf? Jones just hit a long 2 followed by a rhythm Chauncey 3! 5:01 : Dirk's crazy good. I may hate him because he flops too much, but that was good (and a really bad foul by Nene). Too bad he missed the And-1. The Birdman's out? Stomach issues? This does not bode well for the Nuggets. 4:23: 21-14. Whew. Every time the Mavs score, the Nuggets respond. A 7, no 8 point lead? Looking good. But damn, Dirk is on fire. 3:41: Dirk looks good, the rest of the Mavs look very sluggish…and does Nene ever feel like hitting the offensive glass? Seriously, he just stands and watches far too much. 2:47: Chauncey looks 'smooth' according to the announcers

Game 3 Antics

I'm growing a little frustrated with everything I'm reading about the Game 3. Everybody is missing the crucial point. Melo hit the ridiculous three. Dallas fans can moan and groan all they want. There were 61 fouls called during the game, and Dallas had a +7 advantage in fouls called for them. Dirk clanked one off the rim with 32 seconds left. And Melo hit the ridiculous three. For the last 3 minutes of the fourth quarter, when Dallas had a consistent 1-3 point lead the entire time, I was waiting for the Nuggets to roll over and play dead. It seemed like the Nuggets would drive, work insanely hard, and then, if they were lucky, hit a basket. The Mavs, on the other hand would drive, dish, dish, dish, wide-open shot. Or, more often, dish, dish, dish, and then get fouled. The way fouls were getting called I thought the refs had the whistles stuck in their throats. And while there wasn't a particularly major advantage, as a Nuggets fan, I was very frustrated with every call. Wh