Game 4: Running Blog, 3rd Quarter

I'm falling a little behind…

10:00: Dirk looks unstoppable. Very scary.

9:15: I am really starting to like Dahntay Jones's energy is awesome.

8:32: 1-point game?!?! Denver what happened? The announcers just called Dallas resilient? You're better than that. Coach Sotola is telling you guys that that is simply unacceptable. Btw, the Angels & Demons/NBA playoffs dual commercials are not cutting it for me. Make them stop. Please.

7:37: Denver, 1-7, Dallas 6-8…and then Melo answers, twice in a row.

6:38: Good hard foul by Melo, preventing the easy basket.

6:09: Melo is starting to heat up! And Josh "on two bad ankles" Howard hits the two with an And-1 which he misses, but gets the Offensive rebound? And then gets fouled again? Ouch. That hurts.

5:58: 74-73 Nuggets. This game is really high scoring. The rhythm is infinitely better than Game 3, where fouls were getting called left right and center. Wait whats this? Terry's got 5 fouls! YES! This bodes very well for the Nuggets. On a random note, how do NBA players actually play chewing gum? I would bite my tongue off…but Jason Terry somehow still has his…

5:27: Nene with another great Block! Nene's channeling his inner Birdman, I love it.

4:02: Melo with the steal! And the easy lay-up! Nuggets back up by 9! Time to shoot some NyQuil…I'd be out and about, watching the Nuggets game with friends instead of alone, on my couch in my house if it wasn't for my leaky faucet nose. I guess it's a good thing it's a cold, my colds are really bad either last the end of one day and the next day or just one day. If I'm lucky it's the later, and I'll be 90% tomorrow.

3:47: A T on Kleiza, really? I didn't see what he did after the play, but that's unacceptable.

3:05: J.R. Smith! Hits the two! AND-1! Can he hit the free throw? NO! Come on J. R., your better than that.

1:41: Ok, the Nuggets go cold, and Dirk throws it away. Thank you Dirk, I'm really afraid we needed that.

0:35: J. J. Barea is killing us, cutting us open and then putting salt in the wound. Slicing through us like a hot knife through butter. Ok, that's enough.

0:00: 90-85. Ok, that could have been much worse. Let's see if I can stay awake before the NyQuil knocks me out for the fourth…



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