Game 4: Running Blog, 4th Quarter

I've got the taste of black licorice on my tongue. Five point game. Melo just swatted Dirk. This Fourth quarter could be epic.

10:57: Melo's pulled two clean strips on Dirk. But he gets called for the foul. Not cool.

10:09: Great play by Wright. Way to draw contact and get three FTs….we've got a four point game.

9:33: Despite the fact that Melo's gotten called twice for fouls on Dirk, he has done a great job covering him. Dirk's had the ball swatted out of his hands every time.

7:59: Wow J.R. wow. Hits the ridiculous bank as the shot clock expires. Too bad its only a two. And Bass, taking the really dumb T. The refs are calling T's super often. This is really abnormal, and hurts the Nuggets much more than it hurts Dallas. Hey, we hit a FT! Melo hits the T.

7:08: New career playoff high for Melo! 36! Followed by Dirk hitting a great shot after JR poorly fouled him.

6:30: JR hits a crazy shot.

6:07: I have no idea how the Nuggets got that call. But I'll take it. To quote Kenji: 'if he flopped without practically humping melo, he'd get the call.' 7 T's have been called. That should not happen in a playoff game.

5:14: 'A little acting by Dirk, but great job.' Really, announcers?

2:43: 'Dallas has made five of the last six.' Tie game. Did I just soil myself? Not yet, but I'm getting very close.

2:06: NENE with the Dunk!

0:31: Oh man, how could you do that Melo? The offensive foul? That hurts, especially now that Dallas is up by four (116-112). I'm getting really nervous, I don't know/think Denver can actually pull this off.

0:30: Melo fouled. We hit both. Dallas 114-116. Ummm, am I nervous? We really need a stop…Let's go NUGGETS!

0:08: I did not see that foul. Where's the replay. That looks very sketchy. We need a quick three (maybe a quick two?) and then a foul. And then a lot of luck.

0:00: That's disappointing. The Nuggets basically gave Dallas that game.

Recap. I need to sleep. I'm super disappointed. I don't get it. Well maybe I do. I've watched the replay 5 times now. I'm going to honest, but I never saw K-mart foul Dirk. That's about as phantom a call as they get. I'm super bitter about the phantom call. Super bitter. Instead of bitching about it, though, I'm going to sleep. Good Luck Nuggets, and good night (btw, that was super fun. If I was not going to the game on Wednesday I'd try it again).


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