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Whistler Teaser Trailer

I haven't posted a video to Blogger before, so if something's wrong let me know. Otherwise, Enjoy!


I’m going back to my rambling, train-of-though entries. Deal with it, I think it works… On Earth Treks: I’d write a review, but I’m too busy climbing (the skinny? It’s like a smaller, slightly worse version of the BRC)… At Whistler, I skied every day, the entire day on at most two bagels for breakfast and lunch, went to bed last and woke up first. Felt great the entire trip. I get back to DC: get absurdly sick by Wednesday. I’m still recovering. If this is the two-week long hangover I have to deal with for having so much fun at Whistler, I’m ok with that…. I’m not ok with the highlighter yellow mucus … I think it’s ok to run red-lights in DC. Ok, I don’t actually think so, but everybody else seems to... In DC the police don’t hide. They drive around with their lights on to make sure everybody knows they are around.... Everybody here bitches about the cold. Which would be acceptable if it ever was cold.... DC weatherman have a propensity to turn any inclement weather into a nation