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A Red River Halloween Day 5: Whiskey

Lexington Attractions/Stops: Woodford Reserve : ★★★★★ (Classy. Good. Bourbon Balls.) Bluegrass Distillers : ★★★★ (Friendly, informal, personal tours) West Sixth Brewing : ★★★★★ (Chill ambience & Smithtown is next door) Smithtown Seafood : ★★★★★ (I don't like fish but I love Buffalo Catfish Bites). Chuck and the Woodford Reserve The sky was gray. Dreary gray. London gray. The sort of gray that exactly matches the forecasted rain. Ugh, gray. It was Wednesday, our rest day. I'm don't recall if we had planned Wednesday to be our rest day or if nature had forced our hand. Either way, I wasn't complaining: we had just climbed for three days straight. Today was for relaxing and whiskey. We did our best to plan as little of our day as possible, but the distilleries called our bluff. Most required advanced tickets. Zach was stoked on  Woodford Reserve , I was stoked on going somewhere good, and Dave-O and David were stoked for any distillery tour. So, we picke