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A Red River Halloween Day 8: A Quick Ride at Velo Crag

Alive, atop Lightning Rod Arete Climbs: Lightning Rod Arete  (5.10c): ★★★ (Although it may deserve a second chance) (Climbs others hopped on): Laterne Rouge  (5.9+) Dura-Ace (5.8+) Ultegra  (5.10a) Today, we were leaving, even though we didn't want to. We were heading outside, even though we didn't want to. And we were climbing... even though we didn't want to? Let me rewind. Waking up this morning was difficult. Maybe we had a little bit too much whiskey, maybe we played a little too much Bang! , maybe we were a little spent from the night before. At 6:30 AM, the weather was definitely garbage: a thick blanket of fog enveloped our cabin. I always have a hard time getting up on these gray days; my body takes its cues from bright morning blue skies. No sun? No getting out of bed. A Typical Breakfast Our requirements for the day were a short approach (we wanted to end up back in DC at a reasonable hour), dry conditions (fog was not good), and quality