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A Red River Halloween Day 4: Halloween

Climbs : Plate Tectonics  (5.10a) ★★★★ Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky  (5.10b) ★★★★ 5th Bolt Faith  (5.10c) ★★★ Tall Cool One  (5.9) ★★★ Universal Gravitation  (5.10d) ★★★ Moonshine (5.10a) ★★★★ Sunbeam (5.10c) ★★★★ Prologue: Our ragged band of misfit heroes slowly wake up, not lost--but not quite found--somewhere in the backwoods of Kentucky, preparing to save the world.... or at least climb 5.10. The Crush-This League at the Bat Cave Scene I: Breakfast TONY STARK: Good morning, sunshine! DICK GRAYSON: And protein-packed pancakes-- SAITAMA:  PANCAKES!! GRAYSON: --are ready! BANNER: Save some for the rest of us, Saitama! SEVDA: These are lovely, dear. And because they are brown, you can't tell that they're burnt. GRAYSON: The extra chocolate chips really help too. SAITAMA: So much better than drinking your protein. BRUCE BANNER: Especially your  vegan protein shakes, Saitama. I don't know how you drink that. STARK: Or where you get it from. That s