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Dating—Denver Broncos Style

Ok, so you meet this pretty sweet chick. Everything just kicks off perfectly—almost too good to be true. First couple dates: nothing like it. I mean they're not perfect, but you were batting .100 before then, so it's like hitting a home run. Your friends, they think your expectations are way too high: things can only go downhill from here they say. But you're only drooling at the thought of this getting better. And then it happens. You've had a few, and the next thing you know, you talking to this other chick who's been a good friend for quite a while. To you it's 99% innocent. But to Lady #1, it's over. You're the Denver Broncos. The past three seasons have indicated that Cutler will and can only get better. Her awesome roommates or the crazy spontaneity (that you love and hate), all of which you're friends have warned you about, are the sick Bronco's offensive line that pad Cutler's stats and the cross the body-cross-the-field throws that m

Testing the Waters

I've been split between hopping on the blogging boat and tweeting. Blogger 1, Twitter 0. I've tried blogging before, using Xanga, but then I stopped about half a year later: I had run out of ideas. Actually, it was more like exhausting the scope of my very limited blogging ideas, which I basically drew from three sources; the Denver Post's sporting section, my friend's blogs, and random spur of the moment bouts of creativity. But as freshman year rolled, I stopped reading the newspaper (I was in the dorms), my comrades' blogging ways halted, and all of my second semester creative juices were spent trying to understand computers as components (pun intended). I'm wiser now. If nothing else, there's a bigger freshwater lake from which I'm going to fish my ideas from. I'm expanding the scope of this blog to include the ingenious ideas and crazy experiences of my actual life. On top of my crazy awesome ideas, I'm also going to blog about things that I