Testing the Waters

I've been split between hopping on the blogging boat and tweeting. Blogger 1, Twitter 0.

I've tried blogging before, using Xanga, but then I stopped about half a year later: I had run out of ideas. Actually, it was more like exhausting the scope of my very limited blogging ideas, which I basically drew from three sources; the Denver Post's sporting section, my friend's blogs, and random spur of the moment bouts of creativity. But as freshman year rolled, I stopped reading the newspaper (I was in the dorms), my comrades' blogging ways halted, and all of my second semester creative juices were spent trying to understand computers as components (pun intended).

I'm wiser now.

If nothing else, there's a bigger freshwater lake from which I'm going to fish my ideas from. I'm expanding the scope of this blog to include the ingenious ideas and crazy experiences of my actual life. On top of my crazy awesome ideas, I'm also going to blog about things that I care about this time. This includes a wide range of topics, which hopefully others will also find interesting:

  • My everyday life
  • My various activities
  • My thoughts on
    • The Denver Nuggets
    • The Broncos
    • The Avalanche
    • Fantasy Football/Baseball
  • Commentary on various newsworthy ideas/items
  • Possibly links to cools stuff
  • School
  • Work

I'm hoping this will be as interesting an experience for me as it will be for you. If you're reading this, then hopefully I've achieved my goal. If you've ever posted a response, I've achieved my goal. If I've ever made you think, I've achieved my goal.

So, the water's not a bad temperature right now. I actually kindof like it. So wade out a couple more feet. Who knows, you might actually like it too.


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