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Rebirth of the Baby Blue

Nuggets are back! Yes, the Birdman’s aggravating antics, K-Mart’s giant lip tattoo, Melo’s explosive scoring, Lawson’s explosive speed, Nene’s ballet moves, Billups’s clutch shooting, Carter’s “why did he do that?” and “why is Karl keeping him in?” even though he’s actually a decent player, Afflalo’s upside, the Toaster Oven catching fire, and, of course, Karl’s classic smug smirk. I am so ready for this season. Campus closed at 2:00. If it’s still closed tomorrow, mountains here I come! I still need to get a new set of ski poles. Of course, the first day we go up, I get my poles out of the closet…and the right one’s bent. If Boulder Ski Deals didn’t close at 8, I wouldn’t look like a complete noob on the mountain tomorrow. I guess worse things could happen. At times, Computer Science is like running into a brick wall as hard as you can, brushing it off, looking at some greek instructions describing the holes in the wall, and then repeating. Well, ok, it’s not always like that. T

Sick Skiing

So I was going to start with yesterday’s ski trip, but then decided that Windows 7 is currently a little more significant. Well, I actually decided that grocery stores no longer carrying coconut cream pie yoplait yogurt was more important, but I’d be hard-pressed to spend a paragraph on it. So, back to Windows 7…or, as I like to call it, what Vista Should Have Been (WVSHB, for short). I’ve got nothing but accolades for it. I feel 20 times more comfortable running millions of apps and find it significantly easier to run an app when I want to, starting it as fast as possible, and not worrying about clutter. The install process was also painless: I didn’t have to spend 40 minutes transferring my back up music and 1 hour transferring my documents and files back to my computer. At this point in time, the only negative thing about WVSHB is that it didn’t come 5 years earlier. I went skiing yesterday for the first time this season. Even though there were only two super packed open runs, hug

Broncos: 5-0

Wow. Simply put, wow. I'm completely enthralled with the broncos. I'm only slightly less enthralled with their colors…but I do feel obligated to by some brown and mustard yellow stripped socks. I watche the Broncos/Patriots game with two Patriots fans and got unduly amounts of trash talk for being a Broncos fan who actually expected the Broncos to win. It was redeeming when the first time the the Broncos were leading the entire game was when the game was over and we had scored the game winning touchdown. Priceless…all my poor trash-talk/broncos defending saved by a coin flip. Rox are coming up in about half an hour…to say I'm excited would be like saying the pope is catholic. I'm watching Dexter right now. The first two shows of the episode were slightly disappointing but I'm starting to like it again. Somehow the best characters on the show are the badass cop who steals money from safes and the super old detective Deb was dating two seasons ago. I'm not a big T