Broncos: 5-0

Wow. Simply put, wow. I'm completely enthralled with the broncos. I'm only slightly less enthralled with their colors…but I do feel obligated to by some brown and mustard yellow stripped socks.

I watche the Broncos/Patriots game with two Patriots fans and got unduly amounts of trash talk for being a Broncos fan who actually expected the Broncos to win. It was redeeming when the first time the the Broncos were leading the entire game was when the game was over and we had scored the game winning touchdown. Priceless…all my poor trash-talk/broncos defending saved by a coin flip.

Rox are coming up in about half an hour…to say I'm excited would be like saying the pope is catholic.

I'm watching Dexter right now. The first two shows of the episode were slightly disappointing but I'm starting to like it again. Somehow the best characters on the show are the badass cop who steals money from safes and the super old detective Deb was dating two seasons ago. I'm not a big TV show guy, but I might be gradually turning a new leaf if this season lives up to some of the hype.

School suddenly got busy, and I'm suddenly behind. I blame al the intramural sports which I'm good at losing at. Awesome, by the way, but time consuming. I'm super excited for broomball, which could be the best sport since….well, I'm not quite. But it's that awesome. And since I might finally be on a team where I don't have to do all the scoring, it could be an awesome season. But first, I've got an IM hockey and football game that I've got to take care of this Monday night. At the same time. Yeah, I'm that good.

Of the two, the priority is hockey. But I'll at least show up for the first half of football…and ideally then entire hockey game. Before then, however, I should have time to actually boulder, something I've haven't done nearly enough of this entire year. With any luck in, I might actually decide on which pass I'll get. I'm now completely split: BRC or Spot? If you're a fan of either vote for one…to be honest I'm definitely split 50-50.

Ok, Rockies are on…GO ROX! And I'm out…peace!


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