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Running with Montezuma

Ooooo! Embarrassing story you've all been waiting for! It's new and improved! Get it while it's hot! Ok. So, I've been trying to train for a marathon. I say trying because skiing kindof gets in the way (4+ hours of driving 3 days in a row + skiing 8:30-4:00 …. yeah, it gets in the way). Since I've fallen behind a bit, I decided to do what my magic spreadsheet that I must obey at all costs told me to do: 2 miles GP, 2 miles T, 2 miles GP. In English, that means 2 miles Goal Pace, 2 miles Tempo pace, and 2 miles Goal pace. Since I haven't exactly set my GP, I decided for this run for it to be 7:00 minute miles with T at 6:30. Which almost worked great. For the first 2 miles. And even the third. But at the beginning of the fourth it hit me. Hard. Like, I can't run any more, and am walking slightly goofily. Shit. I got a bad case of runner's craps. Or runner's shits, I'm not sure what the technical term for it is. So I'm in the middle of east bou

Arrival of the Prophet

In the fourth week of the first month of the year two thousand ten, the Prophets arrived. Oh, and don't worry about the slight drone you hear in the background that's just me still drooling all over them. To be more specific, they're the Prophet 100's. Since my old pair of skis was the new skiing hotness back when I was in elementary school, the only one thing stopping me from bombing everything on these snow eating monsters is….snow (and bindings, but I'll be taking care of those soon). I think the best way to describe current mountain conditions is that the current conditions would be awesome if it was still December. It's almost February. I wish there was a skiing equivalent to trying to snowboard a T-Bar. A place where, 90% of the skiers eat it on their first try (for the record, I didn't). And have to go again. And of the 10% that make it, say 50% eat it on the way up. Yeah, that would be sweet. I think I could spend half a day watching it. But since it

Close Encounters with Concrete

It's a good thing I'm good at engineering (maybe), because common sense I obviously lack. Oh, and when mother nature and karma join forces, I should be afraid. Very afraid. Hmmm…you really can't tell what's going on in that picture. There's some blood, but…well…not enough. Yes, that's a little gratuitous. But anyways, what exactly do mother nature, a chunk of skin the size of a paper clip, and karma have in common? Well, sorry to bombard you with pictures, but I'm pretty sure it may have started with something like this (this was taken last Wednesday at 5:30). That's me. My legs. Yes, my bike. In two inches of snow. After I had just biked home (ok, full disclosure: by the time I made it home, walked inside and grabbed my camera some of the snow fell off, and I had to make a short lap around my neighborhood to get this picture, which is only half as snowy as I originally was), I took this photo. I wasn't expecting snow at 6:00 AM when I biked to a