Arrival of the Prophet

In the fourth week of the first month of the year two thousand ten, the Prophets arrived. Oh, and don't worry about the slight drone you hear in the background that's just me still drooling all over them.

To be more specific, they're the Prophet 100's. Since my old pair of skis was the new skiing hotness back when I was in elementary school, the only one thing stopping me from bombing everything on these snow eating monsters is….snow (and bindings, but I'll be taking care of those soon).

I think the best way to describe current mountain conditions is that the current conditions would be awesome if it was still December. It's almost February.

I wish there was a skiing equivalent to trying to snowboard a T-Bar. A place where, 90% of the skiers eat it on their first try (for the record, I didn't). And have to go again. And of the 10% that make it, say 50% eat it on the way up. Yeah, that would be sweet. I think I could spend half a day watching it. But since it doesn't exist, I think I all snowboarders deserve a medal for doing it. Like a free beer or something. I'll let Ski Patrol figure it out. In the mean time, I'll join the ranks of skiers. I'll be waiting.

Hmmm…doing the Talon's Challenge tomorrow. We're leaving Boulder tomorrow at 5:00 AM…so that we can be on the slopes at 8:30 AM, ready rock. And by rock I mean do 23,000+ ft of moguls in one day. I actually don't think its that bad, but I've never really measured my mogul abilities (and generally when I spend the day on moguls, my lower back is so sore that the soreness doesn't start the next day, it starts the around 2:00 pm). Now, if my form was ok, I wouldn't have that issue. With any luck, I'll have figured out this whole good form thing, and I'll be able to move tomorrow. Of course, to be that sore, I'll need to get up at 4:30 AM. Which is already less than 8 hours away.

I'm not bitching about this; I actually plan on enjoying it. I really like moguls. A lot. They're basically the reason I've gotten back into skiing (and I hate doing my bindings ever time I get off the lift, and ... ok, I guess there are a couple more reasons). But the reason why I got on this tangent was to end this post. For some reason, it's the hardest thing for me to do. But if I'm about to catch some sleep, then I've suddenly got an excuse. So I'm going to sleep. Nowish...



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