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Sport Rock

If you're moving to Boulder your going to get fantastic climbing: be it outdoors, with Boulder Canyon, the Flatirons/front range, and Eldo; or indoors, with Movement , the Spot , and the BRC . If you're moving from boulder, your not. I'm moving from Boulder. So naturally, the first thing I want to check out is the local gyms and local crags. There are two different gyms in DC: SportRock in Alexandria and Earth Treks in Rockport, Maryland. If these websites don't impress you, it's for a reason: they're not Boulder gyms. I've always been curious about other climbing gyms because an incendiary Colorado Daily staff writer trashed St. Louis/east coast gyms , and almost started a riot on Mountain Project . If you want to see an online climbing flame war, skim/read the comments.  So, what's good about a climbing gym in DC? (1) It's a climbing gym in DC. It's a gym, that's dedicated to *climbing* in DC. Yes, read that again. It's true.

All Caps

I landed at Reagen National Airport at 12:50 yesterday (Sunday). For those of you unfamiliar with national airports, DCA (Reagan's acronym) is in DC. It's a culmination of a half a semester long job search that wasn't anything like I was expecting. How I got here is a long story. Out of the blue, one of my Senior Projects team member asked me when I was graduating/if I was interested in a job with the company he was working (Emergent Space Technologies). I said I might be interested, a phone interview + an onsight interview later, I got an offer. At that point I still wasn't sold on the job. Over the past semester/year, my only job requirement was that the job wasn't out East. But as my search went along, offer's weren't appearing at my doorstep. But there's something about actually having a job offer that affects the way you think. Especially when jobs don't magically appear. So, after some rough negotiation (primarily because I thought I negotia