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I landed at Reagen National Airport at 12:50 yesterday (Sunday). For those of you unfamiliar with national airports, DCA (Reagan's acronym) is in DC. It's a culmination of a half a semester long job search that wasn't anything like I was expecting.

How I got here is a long story. Out of the blue, one of my Senior Projects team member asked me when I was graduating/if I was interested in a job with the company he was working (Emergent Space Technologies). I said I might be interested, a phone interview + an onsight interview later, I got an offer.

At that point I still wasn't sold on the job. Over the past semester/year, my only job requirement was that the job wasn't out East. But as my search went along, offer's weren't appearing at my doorstep. But there's something about actually having a job offer that affects the way you think. Especially when jobs don't magically appear.

So, after some rough negotiation (primarily because I thought I negotiated for too much), I got an offer that I couldn't refuse. Initially, I didn't feel that way. But after writing down the pros/cons of the job (which I normally never do), I realized that there was only one con that wasn't location. Every other negative aspect of the job only had to do with the fact that I was leaving school/Boulder. Every other job would involve no longer being a student. And almost every other job would probably involve no longer living in Boulder. So I took the job.

That's the short story at least. The long story I'm not going to detail unless it's in person. Deal with it.

In other new, I've discovered that being in a new city/living a new life suddenly means I have a lot to write about. I've also discovered that the more I do, the less time I have to blog. So if I'm not blogging it means, I'm living the good life. And if I am blogging, it means I still haven't figured DC out yet.

Yes, I haven't figured DC out yet. And yes, I am alive. Read that with as much sarcasm as you want. Peace!


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