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Aspen Adventures: To the Castle!

Picking up where things got interesting from my August 3rd-August 13th Colorado/Vegas Vacation... We set off to Aspen in an Budget rental car, with some good luck Chipotle burritos (they've got them in DC, but not Kosovo), $200 worth of REI gear (including the new  Colorado's Fourteeners, 3rd Edition  book), and egos significantly bigger than the 14ers we were planning on climbing. We were in a $370 Budget rental car, not my little brother's unused car or one my parents cars because my parents don't trust dirt roads. Nor, as we would later find find out, does Shane's Audi. This posed quite the predicament, because rental car companies don't either. If you're counting, that is exactly zero off-road vehicles. But to access two trailheads, we were going to need one. Half an hour out of Boulder we found our solution:  Eagle Car Rentals , or, as I like to call them, Awesome Eagle Jeep Rentals. If we made it to Aspen before 5:00, we'd be able to rent a j