Sick Skiing

So I was going to start with yesterday’s ski trip, but then decided that Windows 7 is currently a little more significant. Well, I actually decided that grocery stores no longer carrying coconut cream pie yoplait yogurt was more important, but I’d be hard-pressed to spend a paragraph on it. So, back to Windows 7…or, as I like to call it, what Vista Should Have Been (WVSHB, for short). I’ve got nothing but accolades for it. I feel 20 times more comfortable running millions of apps and find it significantly easier to run an app when I want to, starting it as fast as possible, and not worrying about clutter. The install process was also painless: I didn’t have to spend 40 minutes transferring my back up music and 1 hour transferring my documents and files back to my computer. At this point in time, the only negative thing about WVSHB is that it didn’t come 5 years earlier.

I went skiing yesterday for the first time this season. Even though there were only two super packed open runs, huge lines, and no powder, it was still awesome. We planned on staying for only the morning, but a lunchtime lighter igniting, charcoal lighting and brat grilling escapade (resulting in the best beer bratwurst I've ever had) convinced us to toughen it out for another 2 hours. And we capped the day by getting hopping on the lift at 4:05 for a final day. Even though I didn't fall on my first run of the season (supposedly that's good luck), it was a great way to start the season.

I hate to admit it, but I’ve got a very simple metric for how good my weekend was. And by a good weekend, I mean, I wake up Monday morning thinking: damn, that was a good weekend. The first metric is the Broncos. If the Broncos win, there’s a 50% chance it was a good weekend. Metric 2 and 3 are similar: my other fantasy football teams. Each team accounts for half the remaining possible weekend awesomeness, bringing the total up to 100%. With no Broncos and one of my teams in limbo until Monday Night, I’ll say it was a good weekend.

My throat and I have been having a fight, and my throat’s winning. Slightly frustrating, but I’ve definitely felt it coming on for the past week. I’ve got an amazing ability to shake off most types of illnesses, including coughs and colds, but minor sore throats tend to linger for a week or two before they actually start to hurt. At this point, they turn into a cold. For me a cold’s got three phases: (1) feeling 100%, I notice i’m blowing my nose a little more than normal. This lasts a day, and leads to (2) a restless night of what feels like no sleep. The day after, the stuffy nose part of the cold hits me pretty hard. But, the next day and stage (3) rolls around and I’m back to 90% with the cold almost completely gone. While being sick sucks, knowing exactly how long I’ll be sick for is great. Except for the fact that I think I’m entering stage (1) tomorrow. Which negates the football greatness of the weekend.


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