Game 4: Running Blog 1st Quarter

Ok, so I've never done this before, but here's a running game blog. I haven't figured out how to do this automatically, so I'll be manually entering the time. One quarter at a time.

6:12: Wow. The first few minutes had me super concerned, as Dallas went out on a quick, 4-0 run and the Nuggets looked superbad.

5:18: Wtf? Jones just hit a long 2 followed by a rhythm Chauncey 3!

5:01: Dirk's crazy good. I may hate him because he flops too much, but that was good (and a really bad foul by Nene). Too bad he missed the And-1. The Birdman's out? Stomach issues? This does not bode well for the Nuggets.

4:23: 21-14. Whew. Every time the Mavs score, the Nuggets respond. A 7, no 8 point lead? Looking good. But damn, Dirk is on fire.

3:41: Dirk looks good, the rest of the Mavs look very sluggish…and does Nene ever feel like hitting the offensive glass? Seriously, he just stands and watches far too much.

2:47: Chauncey looks 'smooth' according to the announcers…oh wait…wasn't that his nick-name for a while? Time for my shameless plug of an amazingly good article about Chauncey. Its a great read.

2:47: This actually really fun, but when things start happening quickly I fall behind. If it seems like my thoughts are undeveloped, that's why.

2:17: Oooo! HOT MELO DUNK. J. R. Has also very quietly entered the game. Let's see how he does…

1:27: The Toaster oven! From way out! And then the easy MELO DUNK!

0:46: Kleiza on fire too! If the Nuggets stay warm, this could be a long night for Dallas.

0:30: Nuggets are looking really good right now…


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