Game 4: Running Blog, 2nd Quarter

Lets start the 2nd Quarter. I love the Most Interesting Man in the world commercials: On the two party system, 'The after-party … is the one you want to attend.' Classy. Simple. Awesome, and now, back to the Nuggets…

12:00: 5/6 on three's; 34-23 Nuggets. And J. R. AGAIN! (for three).

11:15: Melo & Wright wrap each other up, minor skirmish. Melo, a technical…Dude. You're better than that. My buddy (and much more intelligent basketball commentator Kenji) brings up a very scary but good point: these Technical fouls are going to start hurting us if we keep moving deeper into the playoffs. K-Mart's had three or four, and Melo's had a couple also, we could be playing without them for a game or too if they keep that up.

11:15: I'm still really curious as to what happened to Karl's chin. I'm looking for a very interesting story here…Dirk takes a FT that doesn't count. Nice try slick.

11:07: Melo looks unstoppable. Another foul on Wright, Melo goes 1/2.

10:57: Dumb Melo travel.

10:32: Still looks really good, but damn, Barea is scary. Good thing Nene is still awesome.

9:14: I'm starting to get nervous…what happened to our earlier energy?

8:41: 9 point game…good thing Billups looks like he won't let the lead get any smaller. If you can hear me, Nuggets, um, do what you were doing the 1st quarter again. That was fun. And we were winning.

7:07: Nene needs to do a little bit of a better job…more on this later…

6:43: Man…whenever I get nervous Chauncey makes me feel sooo much better. It's like a soothing back rub whenever the Nuggets lead starts to slip down to five points. ON a different note, Charles Barkley/Dwayne Wade T-Mobile commercials are hilarious. I love every single one of them. Especially the Old-School one: you get to play against the old NBA players when they're old! Love it. Oh, and I would be scared to death after the Dwight Howard one if I was Dwight Howard, I mean what if Charles Barkely actually plays as Dwight Howard? Simply put, this is one of the best commercial series ever. Here's my top 5:

#5: Heineken Commercials. Not really a consistent theme through all of them, but the majority of them are really good.

#4: Last year's Bud Light Always Refreshing Commercials—I threw paper. I threw rock. The stairs behind the couch commercial. The Magic Fridge. Priceless.

#3: Geico. There are so many good ones, the small house, the catchy airport song, some of the caveman ones.

#2: The aforementioned T-Mobile series.

#1: Real Mean of Genius. Even though they are on the radio, they are epic. I still love every one of them.

Any ones I missed? Better ones?

4:48: Ummm…Nuggets? Stop scaring me. It makes this game much less fun. Way to not get the lead back to 10 Nene. 2 and 1 brings the lead down to 6….

3:54: Quick 2 plays by Melo! Back to 10!

3:22: TNT dramas must really not be that good if every other commercial is for them. And has anyone noticed the similarity between Ewan McGregor and Dallas coach Rick Carlisle And had anybody else noticed a lack of the Nuggets on the NBA cares? Do the Nuggets not care? Are we really the Thuggets? Whatever, I still love them.

2:54: Another Tech? On Chauncey? Really?

0:56: Come on Nuggets…you're better than that…a 5 point lead? And what's LK doing back in the game…at least he can flop like Dirk too…

0:34: Nuggets have missed NINE Free Throws! You're KILLING me Nuggets, you're better than that, at least Dallas got sloppy.

0:03: Kleiza is fouled driving to the rim. That's what he does best. Driving to the rim (not getting fouled). Hopefully he's realized that by now.

0:00: Melo is awesome. Thank you for cleaning up after Kleiza.

Half-Game Notes: Kenny just got called a 'Dumbass' on National TV! Hilarious!


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