I buckled.

I've now got a twitter account (the_real_sotola). It was basically completely spontaneous, and it gives me a chance to compare twitter to blogging.

Currently twitter is winning. I actually know other people who tweet…and there's a slim chance they actually periodically check it out. Although, I did feel like a stalker when one of my friends' twitter account unexpectedly appeared (especially since I had no idea they even had an account). I think twitter's also helped me discover that I'm nowhere nearly as witty as I like to think. Of course, that just a matter of practice. I'm pretty sure that I'll practically be a twitter god within about a month.

If there's a recommended amount of hours of sleep over 4 nights, I'm pretty sure 12 isn't it. That's why the blog has been strangely silent recently.

I'm super psyched for the NBA playoffs (Go Nuggets!). I'm even more excited for our IM basketball team, that, with any luck, will win tomorrow. I plan on pulling a 'Toaster Oven' and hitting every 3 I shoot for (of course I planned that last time and went 0-3). We'll be playing at 3:00 tomorrow. And we're going to dominate, or at least make it a close game that we stand a good chance of winning.

Till then, peace.


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