Beyond Electric Dreams

Wow, my last post was an amalgam of incoherent topics, misspellings, and slightly ironic commentary. Ok, on that last point, that's my personal opinion. But it's basically true, so deal with it.

Unfortunately, class has not kicked my ass yet. I still have far too much time on my hands, letting me play soccer 3 days a week + various other intramurals on my 'off' nights. That being said, I think I destroyed the bone connecting my right toe to the rest of my foot, so I'll be gunning for max left foot utilization in our next few games. No, that doesn't mean we'll lose 0-5; it just means that when I miss the easy touch pass to you (5 feet away), it's because I'm becoming a better player, so a few weeks down the road I won't miss it. And I won't miss it because of all the practice I put in with my left foot; it will actually be because my right foot/toe will be fully healthy then.

Approximately 24 hours ago (and by that I mean sometime on the 16th), I unintentionally succeeded in getting myself addicted to what I know think is one of the greatest albums of all time. A loft statement, you say, and you are completely correct. But listen to The Empire Strikes First, by Bad Religion, a few times. And if you're not feeling it, then I'm sorry. Beyond Electric Dreams is (and hopefully will always be) one of my favorites (how can you not love: Ratiocination is a practical way to derive, An attitude of altitude and probity by which to abide, or maybe a theophany of flaming creosote in disguise, the air is thin, the future dim, the dimension undefined). Even the song I once hated (Los Angeles is Burning) has suddenly grown on me. Of course, that goes along with the songs I've loved since the first listen, Sinister Rouge, God's Love, Let Them Eat War, and Atheist Peace.

I'm a little disappointed right now. I'm not nearly as fast as I thought I was: I thought I ran the 4.5 mile Sombrero trail in a sub-40:00 minute time (fyi: the Sombrero trail run is a 4.5 mile trail running course with 900'+ of elevation gain). Turns out I was off by about 1:30: my mile splits are 9:14. Weak. That being said, I didn't realize I loved running as much as I did when I crossed the finish line (especially since I didn't train for it at all). Not only did I feel like (yes, I'm being cliché) a million bucks, but I felt like I could run another 4.5 miles. Sure, the last 100 yards were downhill, but damn, I felt like I was flying.

I'll beat that time next year. 31:38 (the men's course record) watch out.

Along those lines, I'm doing the Colder Boulder. If you're in let me know (it's only 5K, but that probably plays to my strengths).

I've basically forgotten about climbing. My shoes are still at Rock 'n Resole. The last time I pulled on plastic was late July. The last time I actually bouldered outside was probably May. If humans didn't have to sleep between 7-8 hours a day, I'd be climbing at midnight.

CU football really sucks. It was depressing, until I realized that I only cared for the three hours when I'm actually at the game. And there are six home games…so that means I care for less than a daylight day of my life.

I think I've rambled on for long enough. I'll do my best to update a little more frequently, but there's a certain mood I have to be in to actually digitalize my gray matter. No guarantees (and, for the record, I still don't know how to spell guarantees, Word's bailed me out a statistically significant portion of the time). Till next time, peace.


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