Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked

I've discovered that the past X posts have been super boring. As in, wow, the Nuggets are awesome and I completely agree my life falls apart for the evening whenever the Nuggets lose, but really? So I've dedicated to this post to the song that perhaps least represents my life. But it's a great song. And even though I've never heard of Cage the Elephant and think their lead singer can't dance (or if he can, then their music video sucks or I'm the next MJ), I think Ain't No Rest for the Wicked is awesome. Shout out to Eddie for getting me completely hooked on this song.

I was actually going to carry along with the previous nonchalantly boring set of posts until I realized that I should be better than that….or I think I should be better than that. Somewhere over the course of the past two months, I've discovered that my sibling, who I've got five years on, is actually a better writer than me. And by better writer than me, I mean his college essays are historically epic manipulations of the English language that put all of my creative writing papers to shame (for the record, I think personal essays are B.S. papers, so when you're good at them, you're good at making the mundane, commonplace events of everyday seem like scientific paradigm changes. We're talking Einsteinian paradigm changes big). Hurts the ego a little, even though it's English and I'll get over it quickly.

Do you remember the kid who you sat next to who didn't discover deodorant until his/her senior year in college? Yeah, well I had a great analogy to that kid but then forget it. So file that in you archives, and use it somewhere for me, 'cause I'm not sure when/where I will actually use it.

After somewhere between three nights of restless sleep and three months, I buckled, and bought a new set of poles. For $40. The little voice inside me said you're paying too much, but the 'I need to buy things when I see a crazy good deal' part of me says I made off like a bandit in an Eastwood movie. I don't know who to trust, but I do know that having straight poles is 'sweet no one is staring at me in this huge lift line because my right pole is bent by 30 degrees' awesome. Analogy that!

I believe there's a saying that's something along the lines of 'violence begets more violence.' If you replace violence with "spending money on ski equipment" then you get my current state of mind. I guess the root cause could actually be the fact that all of my current ski equipment (with the exception of my poles (woot!) and my ski boots) were made right around the time that dinosaurs decided to get wiped out by a comet. So I'm in the market for some sick new skiis. Preferably, the type that eat powder for breakfast, moguls for lunch, and park for dinner. And while I'm on the topic of mythical creatures….let me know if you've had a recent sighting. In all seriousness, new skiis are the next on my list; I can't get though a half day on the slopes without someone stating that they 'haven't seen a pair of straight skiis for … well, at least 10 years.' Yeah, it's that bad. But I'll still blow by you on that icy groomer.

On that note, I've got two+ months of work to catch up on. While I would like to post more in the near future, I hope I don't, because it means that I'm avoiding all the real work that I have to do (my best posts occurs when I'm putting off all the work I have to do). So enjoy it while it lasts. Peace.


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