Aspen Adventures: Capitol's Stormy Approach

Misery loves company, but its not very photogenic. 

So we have no photos from our wet, vehicular Capitol approach. It started with one of those classic Aspen rain storms: sunshine on one side of the street and a down-pour on the other. It's Colorado, we reasoned, the storm should be done in fifteen minutes. Our campsite will be dry by the time we get there.

We mistook Snowmass with Snowmass Village, failed to find the turn off, and ended up in Basalt. This didn't get us any closer to the Capitol Creek Trailhead. Nor did it make our campsite any drier.

Several hours later we pulled into the Hay Park TH, two miles short of the Capitol Creek TH. Our approach vehicles, a rental Chevy Malibu and an Audi, can't handle rough dirt roads, and we had returned the Jeep already. It's too bad: Hay Park, the closest non 4wd Capitol camping location, was TH for horse trails. The parking lot was inches deep with horse shit.

We didn't bother getting out of the car to setup camp. We didn't think we could find a fecal free site. It was still dumping and getting dark. Sleeping in the car isn't that bad, right?

Fifteen minutes later, we were setting up our tent. We debated on the start time and passed out. Our alarms were set for 4:00 AM. 


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