Arbitrary News Updates

I feel guilty stealing other blogs thunder, especially because there's zero chance they'd link to me (they're all nuggets all the time), but I'm stealing a link about the birdman for a reason that they completely missed. Basically the Birdman grew facial hair. Coming from somebody who lacks anything remotely close to this 'manly' ability of growing facial, its crazy. He looks completely different…and by different I guess I mean old *nostaligic twinge.* I mean, the Birdman's not young anymore, even though he has relatively few miles on his NBA odometer…so trying to see him look older just seems…odd. But hey, if it improves his game I'm all for it.
Hey, at least it's not porn stache worth, like Colt McCoy's was.
I got back from Pittsburgh this morning from my SEI CMMI training class. Super-informative. I feel like a process improvement junkie, it's almost addicting. It's also awesome: everything about it simply makes sense. I'm completely ready for round 2….
I've recently been batting 1000 with getting people sick on 14ers. Last week, when Jim, Dave, and I did the Cresstones, Jim & Dave both got really sick in the beginning. This week, when Eddie, his brother, Peter, and Brian did it, I got Eddie's brother, Peter, and Brian sick. I'm not sure how to interpret this, especially because we plan on doing Longs at midnight next week. Should be sweet.
Speaking of which, we did Quandary today. I've done it before, but it was still really cool. It started snowing and thundering on the way down. While it wasn't that bad, it easily could have been much worse: if it had kept snowing/been colder/windier, we would have been in for it.
Since I'm on/off watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I started this blog post two days ago, I'm running a little dry/out of ideas. With any luck, there'll be more later.


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