Mile Stones.

So I'm going to try to make this quick…

Today was awesome. I stuffed myself at a lunch buffet at Beaujo's, played some ultimate for under an hour, ran a mile, had a no longer local friend contact me, and played racquetball.

In the process, I discovered that: eating as much as you possibly can means you will be really tired at work for the entire afternoon, I'm really good at running in a straight line for quick bursts especially when there's a deep Frisbee/ball thrown my way (as a heads up, it's now known as plan one), I'm not nearly as fast as I thought as a I was, I'm a dick for not including one of my friends in fantasy football, and my hunches about a friend's racquetball skills were dead on. But he owes me beer, so its cool.

The most interesting thing that happened was my mile time. I wasn't keeping exact time, but I did it in just under six minutes….while I have tendencies to have unrealistic expectations for myself, 6 minutes is a solid minute slower than I was expecting. I had no idea the difference between 5 and 6 minutes was so large. I guess my new goal is to trim my mile time down to 5 minutes. If nothing else I hope I can motivate myself by telling myself that its one less minute of gasping for air. In my defense, I ran in my indoor soccer shoes, which are small, in a slightly uncomfortable way. I need to get new running shoes.

In other completely related but slightly different news: I still haven't been able to recover from the weekend. In Office Space, Peter tells his hypnotherapist that every day is progressively worse than the day before, thus making every day the worse day of his life. If you replace worse with sore, you get my life. It's actually awesome. I'm pretty sure I can't keep this up for that much longer, but, while it lasts, it's a fun ride: I think I'm slowly getting in the best shape of my life. Or so I thought; that six minute mile was a little bit of a reality check, my last Bolder Boulder time started with a 6:02 minute mile. I blame being sore for my slow mile.

Ronny is the man. Not only is a he an unstoppable force of nature with a soccer ball at his feet, but he succeeds in bringing his girlfriend's cool female friends to our indoor soccer games. He's a cross between a Costa Rican Pele and Tom Cruise (without all the weird Tom Cruise components). We'll see how things go....maybe next time I'll catch her name...

I can't wait for Football Season. You can't see it, but I'm drooling.

On that note, I'm out.


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