Music from the Jilted Generation

Once again, I've got a mild form of writer's block and I'm convinced my taste in music is better than everyone else's so they should listen to it too. See, if it wasn't I wouldn't listen to it. It's that simple. So go listen.

So, without further ado, 3 albums that have been seeing lots of play of the past month. Because I can never figure out what that fifth album should be. Yeah, the fourth album wasn't coming to me either.

  • It's Never Been Like That, Phoenix. I blame The Basketball Jones, a basketball videocast/podcast that discusses the NBA (unfortunately, without an added emphasis on what could be the greatest team ever: your Denver Nuggets), for getting me hooked. Napoleon Says, their intro song, is awesome. Got me hooked enough to try using the $5 mp3 credits I've been accumulating from buying textbooks on Amazon to go buy the album. Of course, right after I click the 'Buy Now' button, I get billed for $5.99. Turns out the credits expire within about a month. That's what I get for going legal, I guess. The rest of the album is just as awesome, I've had a hard time coming up with a couple more highlights, but I've settled upon Rally and Sometimes in the Fall.
  • The Unraveling, Rise Against. Their first (first full length) album. Before they realized that you don't have to play as fast as you can on every track on the album. Before they realized that screaming your lungs out on every track isn't sustainable. And it's awesome. 36 minutes of raw energy. Check out the 1.5 minute long Great Awakening. And the rest of the album doesn't let up or disappoint. Also check out Six Ways 'Til Sunday and 1000 Good Intentions. Don't throw this album on your ski playlist: you will break something.
  • And Out Come The Wolves…, Rancid. I think I hopped onto this bandwagon a little late, this album came out in the early 90's. Maybe I'm just going through a retro phase (remember Time Bomb?). But Maxwell Murder, Junkie Man, and Old Friend, along with the rest of the album have been getting a lot of play recently. Probably because it's still a great album (regardless of how far behind I am).

A closing thought (TBJ style): Does going to BJ's on Valentine's Day send the wrong message?



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